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About Us

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Located in the picturesque city of Delray Beach, Florida, Green Barn Orchid Supplies is housed in a charming 68-year-old green barn. With a commitment to catering to the diverse growing needs of our customers, we offer a wide range of orchid supplies and products.

At Green Barn, we understand the importance of providing options that suit different preferences. Our selection of vanda baskets includes options crafted from both mahogany wood and teak wood, as well as durable plastic. Additionally, we stock mounting plaques made from exquisite mahogany and maintain a large supply of high-quality cork.

In order to support the comprehensive care of orchids, we offer a variety of wire products such as pot hangers, ring stakes, rhizome clips, pot clips, S hooks, and basket wire hangers. Furthermore, our inventory boasts a comprehensive collection of plant food, insecticides, fungicides, as well as other chemicals and organic products, ensuring that your orchids remain healthy and vibrant.

Green Barn Orchid Supplies has been under the ownership of Hyla Levine since 2004. With over 25 years of experience in growing orchids, Hyla brings a wealth of expertise and passion to the business. Located on the premises of Elegant Orchids, a full-service orchid nursery, Green Barn is perfectly positioned to serve both seasoned orchid enthusiasts and those just starting their orchid-growing journey.

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