Green Barn Orchid
and Aroid Supplies



Wood Mounting Plaque and vanda plaque are the most indispensable products for orchid gardeners. We provide authentic and quality wood mountings, that are made using the finest mahogany wood. We ensure the best and most durable product that makes justice to your investments.

These Vanda Plaque and Wood Mounting Plaque provide stability to the delicate orchid plants and enhance the overall presentation of the orchid plantation. There are slats present in the mounting plaque for the orchids to grasp and a lot of spaces are present for the airflow and ventilation.

Vanda p;aques are designed specifically for thriving vanda orchids. It promotes the growth of the unique aerial root system of vanda orchids which provides a base for the roots to cling onto. These plaques are not only functional but also improve the overall aesthetic of the garden.

As an orchid enthusiast grow your passion for presenting orchids in a beautiful and organized way. Always make sure to move the plaque in a horizontal position when the orchids are grown for their natural growth.

You can order any of our products online with an affordable price range.