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ORCHID MIXES~ Potting ~ Growing Media

Orchid Mixes are the real food for your orchid plants. Our orchid mixes come with the best quality ingredients which inhibits the proper growth of orchid plants. It is needless to mention that orchids are the most delicate plant to grow. However, our mixes have a strong water-holding capacity that enables proper aeration and moister balance which enables the orchid plant to flourish.

Our orchid mix is made up of coconut husk chips, perlite, coir, etc. The proper aeration in the mix inhibits the growth of good microorganisms that contribute to the overall growth of the orchid plant. A proper mix helps the orchid roots to breathe which prevents the rotting of roots. Ultimately, the roots grow stronger and healthier, eventually promoting orchids to blossom.

Invest in our quality orchid mixes to enhance the look of your orchids and gift them with long-term health and blooming potential. Elevate your orchid care routine with our right mix – a small investment that yields spectacular and flourishing results in your botanical garden.

Without any further ado contact us today and place your order. Trust us and give us a chance to serve you better.