Green Barn Orchid
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ORCHID POTTERY ~ Glazed Decorative Ceramic

Orchid Pottery is not only used for functional aspects but also used to decorate and showcase the craftsmanship. It is needless to mention how gardening can inspire someone’s life in this technological world. We are at a place tied to our mobile phones, however, some garden enthusiasts can understand the charm of spending time with nature.

Our beautiful pottery flaunts an artistic flair along with an optimal environment for orchids to thrive. A life within elegance can beat any challenging weather conditions and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the place.

The epiphytic nature of orchids makes them more prone to perish, due to which they need utmost care and support to grow. Accordingly, an orchid needs a well-ventilated and properly aerated pot for oxygen to reach the roots. Each of our orchid pottery stands out from traditional plant containers as it has holes and slate sides that prevent water from logging and provide aeration.

We have a wide variety of pottery with different shapes and sizes for the proper accommodation of orchid plants and the growth of their root system.