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Sphagnum Moss otherwise known as nature’s sponge thrives in wetland and damp areas. It especially works well as a top dressing to raise the humidity level surrounding a plant and act as a base when mounting orchids.

Sphagnum moss has gained huge popularity for its water retention capabilities that inhibit the absorption and retention of moisture making it an ideal component in potting mixes and soil which provides an optimal environment for plant growth. This amazing plant has been excellent in the aeration of the soil and also improves the absorption of nutrients.

It acts as a magic spell for thriving healthy and resilient plants such as orchids. Gardeners depend on sphagnum to maintain the pace of dryness while re-potting, for seedlings and young plants.

These moss acts as a sustainable medium for thriving plants and maintaining the damp environment around the plant. Overall, this plant serves as the best method to aid plant growth. We provide the best qualities of mosses which is just a magic spell for plants. It inhibits the proper growth of orchids.